December 11, 2022

How to Remove Gravatar from WordPress Website

WordPress uses Gravatars as the default avatar for all the profiles on your website. However, you are being here tells us that you want to remove Gravatar from WordPress website.

In this article we will guide you on how to remove profile picture WordPress offer by default.

How-to Disable or Remove Gravatar in WordPress

Why should you Disable Gravatar Support in WordPress?

The main reason to disable Gravatar in WordPress is to achieve better website speed. As long as you have disabled the comment section, you will not see much slowdown. However, on websites with active comment sections, the slow loading speed is very noticeable.

How does WordPress serve Gravatars?

WordPress takes the user email to apply the MD5 Hash and creates src to image tag for each comment. When you load the page on your browser, it sends a request to the Gravatar server for each embedded image in the comments. The server check records for hashed email. If the email address is registered at, the server responds with the corresponding image. If it doesn't exist, it redirects to the default image.

How do Gravatar slowdown WordPress?

WordPress comments contain a unique image that points to a unique URL on This means every word on a page attempts an additional HTTP request for avatar whether the email is registered on Gravatar or not. If the user is not registered at, their image request redirects to the default WordPress avatar, making another HTTP request.

In short, the more HTTP requests you have on your webpage or posts, the more time it takes a browser to load the images.

How to remove Gravatar in WordPress?

Removing WordPress Gravatars is simple and easy. There are two options first using Discussion option in WordPress settings, and the second is via Plugin.

Keep in mind that disabling Gravatar in WordPress will not just affect the comments section on your website; this will also remove gravatar images from the admin bar.

How to Remove Gravatar in WordPress Settings

Please follow the following simple steps to remove Gravatar in WordPress setting.

Step 1: Settings

Click on “Settings” menu on the left-side in Admin panel.

Step-1 Click Settings in WordPress Dashboard

Step 2: Discussion

Now click on the “Discussion” option. This will open page settings on the right-side.

Step-2 Click Discussion under Settings

Step 3: Show Avatars

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to locate “Avatar Display” and Uncheck the box.

Step 4: Save

Click on “Save” button and you are done.

Step-4 Save to Remove Gravatar from WordPress

Congratulations, you've successfully disabled the Gravatars in your WordPress website.

How to Disable Gravatar using Plugin

Please follow the following steps to disable Gravatar using WordPress plugin.

1. Click “Plugins”

You can find the plugin option on the left-side of Admin panel.

2. Click on “Add New”

This will open a page where you can either upload a custom plugin or install automatically from WordPress Plugin Directory.

3. Search “Disable User Gravatar”

Now search for the plugin “Disable User Gravatar”.

4. Install and Activate

Click on “Install” button and then “Activate”

That's it; you are done. Now go to the discussion page to choose a custom default Avatar for your WordPress users.

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