December 11, 2022

What is WordPress and What are the Benefits of using it as CMS?

The real aspects of any business lie within two areas; their services and their website. This brings us to realize the importance of a well-structured web design. For that, the developer needs to keep in mind a few pointers that would keep their site unique. For instance, it has to be functional and not rigid. The content posted should be authentic, with real facts.

Further, to compete with other growing businesses, it is essential that the site is optimized. Another crucial factor is to ensure that it runs smoothly over mobile phones too. Since that is where a human tends to spend most of his time, it would be quite a convenient option to have sites optimized for phones.

What is WordPress? A Guide for Beginners

What is WordPress?

We have grown up in an entirely computerized world. Thus, it is highly unlikely that one may not have heard of WordPress. To clear the concept further, here is the description in simple words; WordPress is a platform for website creation. Now, what makes it stand out among other such platforms? Here are some unique features:

  • It is free, which automatically makes it more appealing—no hassle of investing an amount and often has disappointing results.
  • The internet terms it as the most dominant platform for website developers. It provides maximum flexibility for an excellent web design.
  • It also allows influential bloggers to create masterpieces, considering how it is simple to understand and use.
  • One may also refer to it as a content management system built using PHP. It uses MySQL as its database.
  • It provides a developer with tools for designing both the backend and the frontend for websites.

What you can build with WordPress

One may require a website for multiple purposes. In a time where we are fond of checking the sites to judge any services we need, every company heavily relies on a robust site. A poorly constructed site instantly demotivate a person, thus developing a lack of interest. The result? They leave that site to look for better options. Therefore, it is vital to have an appealing design and function on our site to keep the clients attracted. This helps to enhance the company's comprehensive analytics and improves sales and customer credibility.

While the sole reason is business promotions, some other motives include online shopping, news, blogs, portfolio displays, and e-learning. To elaborate on these fields further, here are the descriptions with examples:


For those willing to have a setup wherein they can display the goods they sell, an e-commerce site is a perfect answer. It provides one with features of online carts, as well as payment. It forms an online store, allowing one to shop from the comfort of their homes. WordPress provides improvised plug-ins to make the experience a whole lot better.

News and Blogs

Although many websites offer a separate section for keeping up with the latest news and trends, it does not get comparatively better to have a site only for this purpose. Wikipedia, for example, is a site that hosts articles and reports that describe terminologies and products. Through WordPress, one can create a platform for blogs that allow sharing pictures, tutorials, demos, and many more.

Portfolio Displays

Unlike other professions, art, it is one that needs a different platform where artist display their work. Building a sit through WordPress for that purpose seems like the right choice. The uses can then use it to highlight their skills and designs.

E-learning Platforms

If anything, this pandemic has proved disastrous for students all over the world. The majority of the educational institutes suffered a tremendous blow in terms of academic as well as financial loss. For the students, specifically those living abroad for study purposes, this was a massive setback. Nonetheless, this is where e-learning came to the rescue. Having encouraged all these institutes to offer their courses online, the studies found a way to resume. WordPress has been immensely ample support for establishing e-learning platforms. It made the whole process way more manageable by providing tools for grading, attendance tracking, and downloading resources.

Membership Websites & Forums

Paying over the internet has had its fair share of advantages and drawbacks ever since it came in to use. It was initiated to ease traveling hurdles, thus saving the time and cost for users. However, over the past couple of years, it has been a subject of fraud attempts. Yet, WordPress provides sites with enhanced security. It ensures a safe user login and paying procedure.

Event Websites

What do we first look for when deciding a good event management team? Their websites, of course. Those with elegant designs on display, catching the eye at first glance, make it to the top. This is why WordPress offers developers to choose themes and plan accordingly. Especially for weddings, considering how it is a person's biggest event.

Benefits of using WordPress

Usually, we tend to leave the technical work of website building and web designs to the CS graduates. It may be a piece of cake for them, with their extensive knowledge in website building tools like CSS, HTML, PHP, JAVA, etc. Even so, what about those who do not have this extra knowledge but would still like to have a try at this task? Well, it appears that WordPress might be a friend in need. Be it a newbie or an existing developer, it has tools making the entire development process more straightforward and exciting. Let us now go through the attributes needed to make your site stand out.

For starters, you must make sure its build upon the SEO concept. Search engine optimization allows one to have content rich with keywords that keep the site on top of the search engines. Google, for instance, has a vast base, containing a billion sites. To have your site staying at the top in them would be quite a remarkable achievement. For a small business, the recommendation is to enable local SEO. It has proven to be of commendable help in the promotion of nearby restaurants, hospitals, and marts in any area. WordPress keeps all these pointers as a primary focus. Hence, it will provide you with ample training on exhibiting SEO on your sites.

Another critical aspect of a catchy site is to have intriguing pictures and videos. It may appear as an easy shortcut to access images from Google. However, so is not the case when we think of establishing our personal site. It is essential to know one may only use pictures that are set to be for commercial usage. Of course, a better alternative is to use your own photographs or designs for reference. Yet, not all platforms provide users with the ease of uploading such content. WordPress, on the other hand, makes it uncomplicated. It includes a built-in media library that supports the hassle-free upload of any digital content. The feature of getting to implement edits to this content is a cherry on top.

How hard does it sound to live without your phone? Nearly impossible, without a doubt. Therefore, it only makes sense why every developer needs to know the massive benefits of making the site mobile friendly. A decade ago, the situation may have differed. Back then, people preferred accessing the digital world using PCs and laptops. Now, it is a different case. The majority of these mechanics have shifted to smartphones. The term smartphone itself indicates how it offers extensive options of living smartly, perhaps. In simple words, the most sensible way to have people admire your business and services is to make it mobile-friendly. A fair amount of companies in Connecticut have made this a regular practice. They have good reviews of using the themes provided by WordPress to design distinctly responsive mobile sites.

To land amongst the top-rated site suggestions, one needs to ensure a fast-running speed, response speed, and customization options. While working on WordPress, rest assured, you will find it all. It lets users use smart frameworks to establish their sites. Its high-end security removes any threats that would trigger the speed of the site's running. Other than that, what may bring you plenty of relief is that it is exceptionally easy to use. With an interface that has simple buttons and settings, it focuses on giving maximum ease of accessibility.

Moreover, customization is always the crowd's favorite. We may use many sites that give us ready-made web designs, wherein we can put in our company's content, and it is good to go. Even so, it is always more appealing to have a chance at customizing certain features. WordPress understands, and thus, allows doing so.

One significant advantage of using this specific platform is that it is free of cost! What better way than to attract customers with a site that you make on a completely free platform. All that is required is to download the WordPress software from its official site and get going with your design. The later specifications of domain names and servers are, of course, paid, as per their original buying costs. Nevertheless, this highlighting benefit has made this platform of common usage among many organizations in Connecticut and other USA states.


We may as well consider ourselves a lucky bunch forgetting to live in a world this advanced. The modernization of technologies has provided us with digital appliances for the majority of our everyday tasks. We have it all, from kitchen appliances to online study platforms and from computerized automobiles to management systems for hotels, hospitals, etc. Similar is the scenario for web design. Years of advancement have led to software formation that has made a strenuous task a simple one. It is no more a burden to come up with an alluring website for your business, e-commerce, or stud purposes. What seemed like a tiresome procedure of going through the phases of coding, developing, testing, and then publishing a site are all under one roof now. With the help of platforms like WordPress and its various aiding instruments, consider the hefty task done in no time. All you need now is to ensure you choose the right platform for your usage, keeping in check the primary audience you wish to target. For example, business sites aim to target local and international clients, hoping to cater to their needs with their comprehensive services.

Meanwhile, e-commerce sites target those that find it convenient to shop without the hassle of traveling to the location. Similarly, e-learning sites find teachers and students that look for a safe place to exhibit their learning skills. All in all, once you have a plan, you pick a reliable platform to work it, buy a domain and server, choose your theme, add custom features, and publish your unique work! Attracting your very own client base has never been more effortless.

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