December 11, 2022

Web Developers Beginner Guide to Web Hosting and SSL

As a web developer you must need a Web Hosting and SSL to set up a secure website. Today we are going to talk about What is SSL and how to implement it on your website. Moreover, we will also discuss the standard protocols of the Secure Socket Layer.

Web Hosting and SSL

What is Secure Socket Layer (SSL)?

Secure Socket Layer is online protection provided to any two entities or individuals transferring data or information between them. Now the type of security or service provided through SSL comes in three factors:


It provides assurance that no undesired alteration happens to the data when it is being transferred from the sender to the receiver. The message or file should reach the receiver from the sender unscathed.


It also verifies whether both the sender and the receiver are both authenticated.


It also makes sure that only the authorized receiver and sender can receive the information sent by the sender. No intruder can access or read the message.

How SSL Works?

Its work is situated between the Application layer and Transfer layer. Now its working flow is simple; If a sender wants to send data to a receiver, the application layer wants to transfer this data to the receiver, so the information is first given to the Secure Socket Layer before the Transfer layer. SSL encrypts this data by using a particular encryption algorithm. After the entire data is encrypted, it attaches its "Secure Socket Layer Header" on that encrypted data and then sends this resultant packet to the receiver.

After the reception, they remove the SSL header on the side of the receiver, then they "Decrypt" the "Encrypted data" by using some algorithm. The resultant data is the original data sent to the receiver. This data reaches the Application Layer of the receiver.

SSL Protocols

SSL has four protocols under its heading. Two of them make its primary backbone, and the others are not that much important;

Handshake Protocol

One of the backbones of SSLs processing establishes the connection between the two bodies sharing or receiving data. It also authenticates both entities.

Record Protocol

This is the second pillar of Secure Server Layer work. It provides both confidentiality and integrity.

Change Cypher Spec Protocol

It has one message, which is of one byte consisting of the value of one. It has a single statement which causes the pending state to be copied into the running state or current state. So this is all it does.

Alert Protocols

It conveys all the alert messages, warning messages, and filter error messages through this protocol. The connections and links with such type of warnings have to be broken then and there.

Hosting for Beginner Web Developers

There is an element of uncertainty for a beginner that causes fear and affects his overall perception of choice. The common questions include starting price, whether or not the site is authentic or a scam, and whether the comprehensive option to create will be worth it or not.

First of all, you need to know about domain names; they are part of network addresses that identify one or more IP addresses. They identify particular web pages when used in URL. A user's domain name is his or her name on the internet. When someone registers a domain name, it becomes their property. It is a prestigious piece of information for the real estate of the internet. A user protects his ideas or businesses after registering his domain name. Because he also makes sure that no one else is using them. Nowadays, the domain names are like; ".com", "net" or ".pk". Each domain name has an expiry date that depends on the organization or the country that allocates them.

Many websites provide beginners with specific services like exclusive shared hosting and reseller hosting packages and plans; some are prominent on a value per dollar basis. These give the best web hosting with domains for amateur developers and beginners.

There are many websites nowadays that provide hosting. Some are free but untrustworthy. The authentic ones have various features, some old and prominent ones offer the best value per dollar basis, and some provide outstanding speeds. Some have a wider area for hosting and provide for various customers or even app developers. These are among the best hosting sites for web developers.

The best web hosting with domain for developers is dedicated one, as it provides the users their web and IP addresses. It is, therefore, most secure out of all of them.

Across the world wide web, the customer can choose from various options available. More commonly, the user will choose from one of these packages;

  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Managed WordPress Hosting

The most basic one is shared hosting, and the level and standard increases as you will move down the list.

Best Hosting for Beginners Web Developers with SSL

Nearly every website, small or large, contains SSL blockers with their Hyper Text Transfer Protocols. And likewise, all the major hosting companies also include the above-mentioned Protocols. So, knowing or finding whether the website is safe concerning SSL or not is not an issue. If you can find "https" then it is secure.

But it is still crucial to keep up with every vital piece of knowledge you can find. And the basic understanding of SSL is a must.


So, in a nutshell, the Secure Socket Layer is a must, and every beginner needs to know how about it. Hope you have found what you are looking for Best Web Hosting for Beginners Web Developers with SSL. To sum it all up, it depends on the best hosting solution since every one of them has Secure Server Layer. So, it all comes down to the hosting solution and the best one in it will take it all.

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