December 11, 2022

Shared Hosting with Dedicated IP - Everything you need to Know

Those who know what Shared and Dedicated Hosting are can really feel the Shared Hosting with Dedicated IP an oxymoron. Dedicated IP Web Hosting is the complete opposite of shared hosting, and their very names give it away. If you don't know, then stay tuned because we are going to show you exactly how.

Explaining Shared Web Hosting without Dedicated IP

Web Hosting with Shared IP

A hosting service provides multiple users with a single shared IP address. All of them share an equal place in the provider's server. It is ideal for starters who are looking at their budget but not efficient in the long run. Well, show you how.

Consider an apartment building. Hundreds of residents and tens of families can technically and quite literally inhabit one spot, thus having the same address. They even use the same resources as water, sanitation, and electricity supply. The bill dividends and each apartment holder's rent will always be less than someone living in a separate house. The cost of buying an apartment will also be less than that of someone purchasing a detached house. Shared hosting is just like that except that the same flat number also recognizes every resident.

A hosting provider has one server with a powerful CPU capable of handling thousands of visitors or requests. It depends on the hosting provider's server capacity or how much load his system can bear.

So, within a specific IP address, your hosting account is one of the thousands on a provided server. Sometimes, they can be a group of servers, all of which are maintained by a hosting provider.

One exceptional merit of this service is that it balances the website's load if a website has more users. If one has less, it directs the traffic. This merit is for users that have low traffic or quality for websites. 

The only limitation of shared hosting is that after a while, as the user count increases and more users visit your website, your website will stop with the error message as the high load will cause this. The answer will be provided through the control panel or cPanel, where you can contact through email or phone; then they will tell either of two things.

  • His resources were limited, or the resources ran out.
  • The entry quantity reached its maximum limit.

To learn about this service, you don't have to know anything about it. However, you still need to purchase the domain since its registration is essential.

Famous advice from many of the experienced customers of hosting sites is to stay for the time being. Only, if necessary, as you know in shared web hosting, one server contains thousands to near millions of users accompanying who have the same IP address as you. So, it is advised that if necessary to do it, then do so. If you did decide to use the Shared Hosting service from a specific site, then carefully choose the plan that would best suit your needs. You should measure through the cost to capacity ratio so that both your site and service would be able to handle more loads if provided as the first step in this process was planned. And when you start gaining more growth, then go looking for a dedicated server.

Explaining Dedicated Server Hosting with IP

Web Hosting with Dedicated IP

In simple terms, dedicated hosting provides its users with a separate IP address on a private server, unlike Shared Hosting, where multiple users share both.

Remember that just like light can never overlap the shadow, Shared Hosting with a dedicated IP will never happen. So Dedicated IP Shared Hosting, for now, is a myth.

What's unique about it is that it provides physical resources to the customer. The most prominent one is the personal web server, which every user has as their separate one. They have complete authority over that server. They can alter or optimize according to their needs by changing performance or security features. And the user has their own specific Dedicated Hosting IP for their website, which gave its name to it.

And with all that freedom is the cost. The cost of the dedicated server with an IP address is from $75 to $200 per month for the dedicated hosting plans. This service is ideal for someone with very high traffic on his website. And it's also the right choice for a technical kind of person.

The biggest downside of using shared hosting is that the work of other users sharing your IP Address can affect you since now the identity of both of you is the same. The most significant advantage of using a dedicated IP hosting plan is that you have your own identity and space.

The most obvious way this service protects your work from being penalized by someone else's work is by providing you with a different server. Only you have the authority and have full control over it. Therefore, you are distinct from the others.

Explaining Reseller Shared Hosting with Dedicated IP

Shared Reseller Hosting with Dedicated IP

There is no possibility to find a shared hosting service with a dedicated IP address unless the user is looking for a Reseller Hosting. So now, how did this impossibility become possible?  Here's how.

Reseller Hosting is a hosting service where a customer purchases a hosting service consisting of their dedicated IP address and server. And then resell it to their clients equally to all.

So, in this service, the customer taking the Reseller hosting uses their own dedicated IP address and server. Still, when they provide their service to their clients, they do so by giving them that IP address and their server space. So, the customer buys a Dedicated Hosting service, but their customer acknowledges the Shared Hosting service.


There aren't many providers offering shared hosting with dedicated IP. Its like, happen is like bringing both day and night in one place, through a chain of services where one can have a dedicated IP, which he can turn into shared IP later as Reseller hosting exists.

That is all you should know about Shared Hosting with Dedicated IP and stay tuned at HowtoHost.Website for more.

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